OceansWatch North America Projects

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All of the projects below are carried out by our support yachts!


OWNA networks boat owners and sailors traveling in the Caribbean with humanitarian and environmental NGOs working on the islands. Volunteers can 'cruise with a cause' as they deliver supplies, personel, or themselves as volunteers, to help out OceansWatch or one of our partner organizations.


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Hurricane Dorian Relief

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Cruise with a Cause; Bahamas winter 2019-20.


OWNA is networking with international orgs to coordinate stage three recovery in the Abacos, Grand Bahamas, and encouraging tourism in the greater Bahamas that was not damaged and open for business. Join OWNA ADOPT-A-ROOF campaign by donating for vital materials or distributing and helping to install semi-permanent roof repairs using established materials, Peel n Stick. Volunteers can 'cruise with a cause' as they deliver supplies, personnel, or themselves as volunteers, to help OceansWatch NA or one of our partner organizations.


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Reef Guardian Training 

OceansWatch North America awards fiscal sponsorship to help send dedicated students or professionals to New Zealand for our Reef Guardian Program training.


Graduates will then be able to help us set up fisheries management plans for communities in the Americas.



Marine Surveys


We help volunteers to conduct various marine monitoring surveys while they are at sea. Yachties can then feed back useful information about the health of our oceans.


OceansWatch currently provides citizen-science guidelines for marine mammal surveys, coral surveys, marine bird surveys, and water quality testing.



Efficient Cooking Stoves



We are working on plans for an efficient cooking stove that can be constructed from locally sourced materials in Haiti. 

Our stoves will help reduce dependence on wood and charcole fuel cut from Haiti's rapidly diminishing mangrove swamps, which are important as both a barrier to storm damage, and as a marine habitat.


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Composting Toilets



Also in Haiti, OceansWatch is helping local communities to build simple composting toilets, which will reduce the spread of cholera due to lack of sanitation.


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Village School Surveys


Invite OceansWatch to visit your school, sailing club, boat show, or similar location, and we'll give an engaging presentation about marine life, coral reefs, conservation, and/or the marginalized island communities we work with.


We're hoping to raise awarness about threats to our oceans, and show you how you can make a difference.

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